Our Business

LegalAID (TM)Legal consulting office specialized in services to national and foreign companies mainly in areas of contracting, international trade and real estate projects. We focus on the prevention of risks with legal consequences for which we provide training to our clients in all legal aspects of the creation and operation of their companies.

Financial AID (TM)

Financial and commercial consultant who provides services oriented to the analysis and comprehensive advice of the financial situation of the company through our strategic financial planning services, investment financing, restructuring of liabilities, financing of working capital and valuation of companies.
Innovation AID (TM)

We help our clients to develop companies with more potential to innovate in a systematic way, together with promoting a culture that encourages associative work among the private sector, technological and academic entities.

Magma (TM)

Event producer and travel operator whose objective is the organization, production and sale of commercial and prospecting business missions, sports and/or tourism trips for delegations of companies, institutions or groups.

Magma INTER (TM)Import and export company, for the trade of products, goods and services globally; offers training and advice on import, exports, international business connections, search for distributors and suppliers.

MagmaPRO (TM) 2Event producer company that aims to organize and produce cultural, social, sports, tourism, scientific, artistic and events in general.

Branding Fundacion Mordelones Logo

It our first social project, seeks to improve the feeding of dogs with a line of healthier foods whose income will be re-invested in the creation of care centers for street dogs.