Our History

MC GROUP begins its history in 2013 with the legal constitution of Magma Producciones Ltda. By the sisters Leyla and Leslie López, who combine their knowledge in the Asia Pacific region with their family experience in event planning to develop programs and activities that empower International trade of Chilean companies abroad.


We begin to independently develop the business travel and purchasing advise program in China, to that date we had only worked in partnership with other companies, so this is a huge step for a small company.


During 2015, we carried out 5 successful commercial missions to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan; cementing the experience, professionalism and working networks of the group.


In March 2016, Legal Aid Consulting SpA is made official, to respond the needs of our new clients, expanding the development of advisory activities to companies in their international trade activities and in their daily functions with the help of Andrés González Moreno and later in the year from Analía de la Torre Urzúa, who contribute their experience and professionalism in different areas of law.

At the end of the year an alliance with DingJian Group and Andes Asset Management also started to attract foreign investment into the country, a project that materializes with the creation of Shanghai Investment SpA.


Starting in February, Pedro Guzmán Bilbao joined Magma work team contributing with his experience to the development of Financial and Innovation Aid two new areas.

In March, Magma International was created to take the new International Commerce clients and MC Group entered a trade association for the first time.

In April of the same year Mohanna Sánchez Sobrino joined as Export Manager to take on the market opening challenges in new products such as natural oils, berry alcohols and milk presented by our new customers.


With the fast departure of Relámpago, the company mascot, on her name we lunch our first social program to improve the quality of food for dogs and care systems for street dogs in Chile.